York Chocalate Features and Care

The York Chocate cat has taken its place among the international cat breeds purely by chance and interest. Janet Chiefari , a goat farmer, begins to love and feed this cat that lives around her farm. Over time, he realizes that the color and behavior of the cat is unique. It conducts research and ensures that this cat breed is discovered by everyone. In 1989, Janet Chiefari owned exactly 27 York Chocalate cats. Admiring these cats more, Janet thought that the York Chocalate cat should be recognized by applying to international organizations . It makes the necessary applications in November 1989. The York Chocalate was officially recognized as a new cat breed in 1995. In a short time, he receives first prizes in the competitions he participates in. The York Chocolate cat, which fascinates those who see it with its chocolate color, conquers the hearts of those who know this breed with its purring and affectionate nature.

York Chocalate Features and Care

York Chocalate Characteristics

Its origin is the United States. The York Chocalate cat is curious, independent and playful in character. Its fur consists of long hairs and has a chocolate, black color. It is a medium sized cat.

York Chocalate Cat Character

This furry friend establishes good relations with his owner. It depends on the owner. It is very easy to maintain in the home environment. It determines its priority according to the behavior of its owner. He likes to go out occasionally. She loves to make herself loved. He is always kind and warm-blooded towards adults and children he meets. He enjoys playing games. He likes to wander around the house due to his inquisitive nature. The household visits everyone in turn, even if they are in different rooms. Purring is like singing to her york chocalate cat. He purrs best when his owner is taking care of him.

York Chocalate Cat Care

With its dense and fluffy fur structure, combing it at least twice a week will be a pleasant activity for both him and you. The collection of dead hairs in its fur helps your cute friend to relax and you to have less cat hair in your home. You should choose the appropriate comb according to the length of the hair. Soft and thick-tipped brushes can generally be preferred for York Chocalate cats. Trixie dog and cat double-sided brushtype cat combs can be preferred.

This hairball is a finicky cat. Keeping her food and water bowl clean regularly is important for her comfort. Also, the cat litter needs to be cleaned daily.

York Chocalate cat is muscular and athletic in terms of body structure. It has strong and thick bones. Thanks to its fur, it lives very comfortably in cold weather. Its feathers start from under the chin and concentrate towards the neck. Its head is proportional to its body. Eye color is amber or brown tones.

How Does the York Chocalate Cat Relate to Children and Other Pets?

It is at the top of the list of cat breeds that get along best with children. He is also very good with other pets. If there is a problem, it is not caused by York Chocalate. It’s best to keep kids’ sticky hands away from his fur sometimes. Because it attracts children with its soft fur. It is a social cat.

What is the Health Status of the York Chocalate Cat?

As long as the necessary vaccinations and controls are made, it can live up to 15 years. He has no genetically recorded disorders.

Can the York Chocalate Cat Be Trained?

Due to the player’s structure, games such as fetch horses are played with pleasure, but he does this because he wants to. Like any cat, it loves its independence. He doesn’t care much for education. You can play with it with different cat toys . Each toy has a different reaction.